Sweet Auntie Taibou loved to sing
Kharan Kharan Mariama
And when she did , we kept silent
And we listened to the precious words
Inviting young girls to educate
And to accomplish what their illiterate
parents would never be able to.

Sweet Auntie Taibou loved to laugh
About life, about love, about her
And when she did , we joined her in
her laughter
And we enjoyed her smile , and we
admired her beauty
And we returned the love she offered
so kindly.

Sweet Auntie Taibou was my sweet
Even though we did not share any
common relative
She was a mother , she was a sister ,
she was a friend
And no drops of the same blood
could have connected us in a better

Sweet Auntie Taibou dreamt of going
to Hollywood
She was so talented
She was such an amazing performer
And we commended her , and we
believed her
When she used to say she would
some day become famous.

Sweet Auntie Taibou passed away five
rainy seasons ago
And we cried , and we cried , and we
cried .