Pretty Woman Lesson 2 – It’s Playtime!!

Yes, playsuits are back big time this spring so do what the name tells you and have some fun!!

I am so glad that playsuits are back on fashion radar after their hibernation over autumn/winter. Since I bought my first one five years ago I have been obsessed by these anti muffin-top beauties (no waistband = no overhang!) as an alternative to dresses.

I’ve always felt self-conscious wearing a dress or skirt as a casual or daytime look. Shorts, trousers and leggings offer a safety barrier to help my underwear stay undercover whereas dresses have always made me feel either daringly underdressed or totally overdressed. The playsuit solves my worries in one foul swoop – the crotch is my crutch! And playsuits offer all the positives I look for in a dress; a more girly look with pretty patterns, lovely shapes and the simplicity of an all-in-one item.

SO what’s hot in the coming season?

Miami style has hit the catwalks big this season with those summery, tropical patterns oozing 50s and 60s American glam. Play around with cut outs such as this River Island number with the classic Miami tie-front which will compliment anyone looking to disguise those pesky lovehandles but show off a flat stomach. Priced at just £18 it’s a sure bargain and it also covers another season trend; scarf print. 

If a classic, pretty look is what you usually go for and you’re thinking that playsuits aren’t really your style then think again. This puff-sleeve, chiffron number by Rare (available at Topshop) will look fantastic on its own or teamed with a bright blazer and this blue, dainty number from Miss Selfridge has a summery, 40’s country feel that would look fantastic assembled with a straw, wide-brimmed hat and to really top it off perhaps a pair of white lace, ultra French-20’s style gloves. Both boast lower neck-lines for those of us with larger “assets” giving a less frumpy look and the capped sleeves give that extra coverage for anyone a tad self-conscious of their bingo wings.

Now, be serious, when you think of playsuits the image of a toddler being dressed up by its parents in easily manageable, themed outfits springs to mind doesn’t it? Well those clever guys at River Island put two and two together and came out with one of THE most amazing playsuits I have seen this season. This sailor-style playsuit has everything; figure skimming, structured shape, a cute peterpan collar, simplicity, elegance, vintage style….tick tick tick tick tick!!!! Just don’t take things too far and get the matching hat with red bobble (you know the one I mean, you have the picture to prove it).

One of the main issues that playsuits cause is the attention that they can draw to the legs. If you’re thigh-shy make sure you keep your heels high to elongate you legs. To flatter those pins even more keep them bronzed and well moisturized with a tinted body lotion; I love Johnsons Holiday Skin as it comes without the biscuity smell of most fake tans, and if you want an instant glow that will wash off before bed then my secret weapon is the bargain “Faking It” instant tan from Primark at just £1.50 a tube!! Match your bronzed legs with an uber-summery outfit, perhaps a looser fitting piece, like this number from Dorothy Perkins.  The draped middle will add to the floaty, laid-back look and will look perfect with a trilby, sandals and plenty of bangles for a beach/ summer festival vibe.

However, with the weather we’ve been having recently you might have to wait a couple of weeks for a glimpse of sunshine…BUT on the upside, this month we have something even mooorrree exciting to look forward to LONDON FASHION WEEK!! Look for next month’s article when we’ll be looking at the new extremes being paraded down the catwalk and see if we can turn them into something totally fantabulous for REAL WOMEN to wear in the coming year. See you soon!


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