We’ve all been there…gazing at a gorgeous dress, top or maybe a skirt in a magazine or shop window   thinking, “Oh, it’s gorgeous, and how gorgeous I could be wearing you!” You dash into the shop searching frantically for this one item; no other article of clothing in this entire store could match up. Then you spot it, on a rail high above the others, where it belongs, looking down on it’s subordinates, and you dare to touch it…it’s just as beautiful to touch as it is to see, you almost melt inside! But do they have your size? OMG, what if they don’t… begin clawing at the hangers desperately searching through the copious amounts of size 6’s, size 8’s….where’s the 10’s, 12’s and 14’s, don’t they make real sizes anymore?????!!!!!!!

And there it is, right at the back, a little miracle on a plastic hanger, as if it’s been waiting to see you. You clutch it tight to your chest as you make your way to the fitting rooms, your paranoia feels like every other shoppers’ eyes are on you, waiting to snatch it away for themselves, even as the shop assistant hands you a number card and guides you to a booth you eye her up and down as if to warn her to keep her distance; “this dress is MINE, you can’t have it, I found it first, you’re too late!!!”

Five minutes later, you’re close to tears, slumped in a heap on the floor in your underwear after a desperate battle with the fabric in your hand….it didn’t fit, and even if it did, it didn’t look good on you- this dress, top or skirt was made for stick insects….We find ourselves beginning to understand how Bridget Jones must have felt walking into Daniel Cleaver’s bathroom.

Never fear ladies….you ARE beautiful-work those trends that you usually don’t dare to try because you think they wont work for your body shape. Ditch that soul destroying diet and learn to work with what you’ve got! My next post looks at the fifties trends.

Feel free to share fashion advice with us-we’d welcome examples of trends which work for you-pictures welcome!


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