One Day, you’ll admit it too

I should start by admitting that I’m not one of the real women, but bear with me.

Last week I went to see the Hollywood adaptation of the bestselling David Nicholls book, One Day.  A worldwide bestselling sensation of a book, with its iconic orange cover a sight as common amongst UK commuters as stress and discarded copies of the Metro.

When a friend told me that the book I love had been turned into a film starring the VERY American Anne Hathaway, I was still excited. After all, she was good in Devil wears Prada wasn’t she? Do you see where I’m going here…

I’m a straight guy who loves a good romantic comedy. Or to use a worse term- Chick flick. The latter term makes me shiver.

I own all the Friends DVDs, the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and I’ve actually read Water for Elephants. Now, I know that I’m not the only person who can get nearly as excited about the FA cup final as Love Actually being re-run on ITV for the thousandth time, but most guys keep it to themselves. Invariably, I suspect, they’re precisely the ones who take the piss.

It was my girlfriend who very generously took me out to see One Day on my birthday, and we had a lovely Italian dinner before.  However, when the slightly smug waiter handed me the chip and pin machine to pay, I shook my head and explained the above, do you know what he did?

He laughed in my face. Quite loudly. “Lucky lady” he muttered.

I said, equally loudly, to my girlfriend, “Make sure you don’t give a tip”. He stopped smiling. Or he would have if I’d actually said it. Instead I just looked embarrassed and sipped my Diet Coke. He laughed when I ordered that too.

On the short walk from the restaurant to the cinema, I had a text from my Dad. He’s very techno.  It simply read; “Make sure you don’t cry at the end” (incidentally, I didn’t. Welling up doesn’t count).

Finally, I then spent a few hours with my old friends Em and Dex. Otherwise known as Dex and Em. Emma’s accent was slightly different than I remembered, and the time seemed to flick through faster than Back to the Future on rewind (think about it), but I had fun. If you haven’t read the book, do that first- when you watch it after you’ll love it. It’s quite easy to write a review that starts and finishes at the accent, but it doesn’t stop it being a solid summary of a poignant story.

However, I have very few friends to discuss this with- they all went to see the inbetweeners movie. More modern men need to exit the man bag filled closet. Match of the Day and Desperate Housewives are not mutually exclusive.

I still don’t know what women want, but I know what men want- to not ‘look like a woman’. Coincidentally, What Women Want– another brilliant film.

So have some sympathy for the male Diet Coke drinkers and Galaxy eaters. They’re hidden, marginalised and they cry exclusively on the inside. We’ll get our day, one day.

Good film that too- but a better book.


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